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This is one of our factories about Terminal Blocks into China Cixi City

Here we are producing a lot of battery products 

Were are producing a lot of diodes and rectifers on this complex.

Our Factory into Beijing for Filter, Filterlelements.

Production Center of Chip-Ferrite, THT-Ferrite

Enclosure Factory into Ningbo for Waterproof, Wall, and Desktop.

Hongkong Factory for CHIP-Capacitor, CHIP E-Cap, Chip-Tantalum.

Into Guangdong we are produzing a lot of LCD-Displays.

Power supply factory.

THT-LED, SMD-0402,0603,0805,1206,PLCC, production-line. 

Factory into Ningbo for plastik-spacer, plastic-screw, nylon-holder and a lot plastic products.

This is one of our factories for switches into yueqing.

Production-center for radial-coils, THT-coils.

Producing-building center for pin-header, female header.

Metalfilm,wire-wound, carbonfilm-resistor, production center.